Gravitational bagging machine, guillotine pneumatic valve, suitable for sliding materials

Hopper with extraction ribbon that fills the BIG-BAG directly. When the BIG-BAG reaches the preset weight in the programmable scale, the filling phase ends.
Works with BIG-BAG up to 150 cm.
Everything is manually operated by the operator with a key in the control panel or pedal.

Yield: 10t / h to 15 t / h
Weighing from 0 to 1,500 kg
Hopper 2m³ with dimensions L 130cm x L 250cm x H170cm
Ideal for big-bag with height up to 150cm
Weighing accuracy: Depending on the material
Continuous adjustment of the amount of material
rugged construction
400V power supply
3-layer coating
Documentation manuals
EC Declaration of Conformity

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