Ideal in construction, agriculture, livestock

This machine is ideal for use in construction, agriculture, farming, for the manufacture of cement, to mix different materials such as fertilizers, feed for animals, peat, grains, etc.
The mixer is designed to be applied to the lift of the tractor, by means of three-point hitch.
Internal mixing palette can be operated in 4 different modes:

- Hydraulic drive
- Drive with PTO
- Drive with PTO and hydraulics
- Drive with electric motor

-Available In three models:

-Model MI600, Hopper capacity 600 liters, Height 1180 mm, diameter 1200 mm, weight 450 kg

-Model MI800, Hopper capacity 800 liters, Height 1180 mm, diameter 1500 mm, weight 550 kg

-Model MI1200, Hopper capacity 1200 liters, Height 1270 mm, diameter 1900 mm, weight 750 kg

4 different operating modes:

- Hydraulic
- PTO and hydraulics
- With electric motor


- Hydraulic loading bucket hydraulically operated to facilitate the filling of the mixer directly from the pile.

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