Lowcost modular manual bagging sand can pack 4 bags at a time. Made of resin abs, extremely lightweight and easily usable, is composed of a main section with 4 boxes connected where insert the empty bags and a top cover to facilitate bagging. Worker Bee Bee also called facilitator greatly facilitates and optimizes bagging bagging operations during emergencies such as floods, flooding, landslide, etc.. A single person is able to simultaneously fill 4 bags at a time without the need to have a companion. And 'possible to combine multiple modules together to obtain a multiple-bagging that can produce 8, 16, 32 bags at a time.

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Prezzo: € 170,00

Prezzo: € 180,00

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€ 10,00

- Resistant material
- Lightweight and easily transportable
- Performance
- Does not require engine or electricity
- Safe in all working conditions

Material: ABS resin
Weight: 5 kg Dimensions:
Width 54 mm Depth 44 mm x 28 mm x Height
Production: 4 bags
Equipment required: shovel or excavator

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