Suitable for potatoes, onions, vegetables etc

Station semi-automatic bagging multi-product with precision scale. The operator places the empty bag under the lock-bag and the bag-filling shall fill it quickly and with maximum precision thanks to the automatic weighing system.
The filling of the bag takes place via a conveyor belt operated by motor-reducer that conveys the product in the bag placed over the weighing system.
When the balance reaches the preset weight the carrying belt is stopped; It manually removes the full bag and you start filling another bag.

Yield: 2t / h to 2,5 t / h
Hopper capacity: 0,5 m³
Weighing accuracy: Depending on the material
Continuous adjustment of the quantity of material
Inverter for modify the engine speed, first and final phase of bagging at low speed to increase the weighting precision
Belt with chevron
Possible to make bags from 1kg to 50Kg
Balance precision: +/- 100 grams
Weight: 110Kg
Sturdy construction
220V Single phase motor 0,37kW
3-layer coating
Documentation manuals
EC Declaration of Conformity
Made in E.U.


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