Option s.r.l. is able to offer a wide range of manual and semi-automatic bagging hoppers for bagging and packaging bulk materials and granular materials such as pellets, aggregates, sand pits, manure, fertilizers etc. Our bagging machines are able to solve many problems related to filling and packaging with very low costs. The bagging equipment is simple and easy to use also suitable for a private customers with no experience. We also have vibrating screens and trommel screens fixed and portable for the selection of many materials such as pellets, aggregates, soil, granular materials, cereals and many more. On storage requirements also we offer silo fabric of various sizes that are easily mountable and placeable. We sell entry level semi-automatic bagging plants and bagging systems ideal for high speed packaging for professionals and practitioners. Our hoppers and bagging equipment are also accompanied by the weighing system, system heat sealing, stapling and conveyors, packaging material etc.