SAQUICK-EASY is a device for manual filling with full metal frame and dosing system with proven patented SAQUICK for rapid filling of sand bags or bulk materials of all kinds.
The special dispenser provides relatively constant amount of material. SAQUICK-EASY is foldable for easy transport, very easy to install and portable everywhere.
It can be filled directly from a silo or with a shovel.
The productivity variable depending on the speed and skill of the operator is around 600 bags per hour.
The height of the device is ergonomic and does not stress the operator. Under the hopper is a handy shelf support grid is also foldable.
Cycle of hot dip galvanizing for excellent protection against corrosion.

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-Productivity up to 600 bags per hour
-Ergonomic height
-Weight 22 Kg
-Grid-support bags
-Dip galvanizing corrosion

Height 150 cm
Width 55 cm
Depth 100 cm

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