Option s.r.l. is able to offer a wide range of equipment for bagging and screening.
The manual and semi-automatic bagging machines are suitable for bagging and packaging a large variety of bulk and granular materials such as pellets, aggregates, sand, pits, fertilizers, fertilizers, coal, etc.
One of the most important features of all our baggers is that the operator can stand while operating the machine, reducing stress, fatigue and repetitive strain injuries.
Our design and manufacturing expertise allows us to create equipment with operator safety, comfort, structural strength and durability in mind.
Our bagging machines are able to solve many problems relating to bagging and packaging with very low costs, simple and easy to use bagging equipment suitable even for a private public without experience.
We market both simple entry level bagging systems and semi-automatic bagging systems ideal for high-speed packaging for professionals and operators in the sector.
Vibrating screens and rotary screens are ideal for skimming, cleaning and filtering materials downstream of bagging.
Our hoppers and bagging equipment are also equipped with a weighing system, a hot sealing system, stitchers and conveyor belts, packing material, etc.