Drum diameter 160cm

Rotating screen multipurpose sieve.
The size of the fraction depends on the combination of grids used according to customer specifications.
Professional electric motor allow continuous operation of the machine.
The screening grid is equipped with self-cleaning rotating brush.

-Sturdy construction to work in harsh environments
-Drum length: 200cm/300cm/400cm
-Drum diameter: 160cm
-Width 150cm x Height 250cm
-Hopper feeder dimensions: Length 300cm x Width 140cm x Height 260cm
-Round holes mesh rotary drum (customer specifications)
-Two 400V three-phase electric motors, one for the rotating screen and one for the feeder, the total power 5KW
Self-cleaning brush optional
-Painting 3 layers (an anti-rust primer and two blue enamel)
-Guarantee 12 months
-made In Eu
-CE Conformity

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