For rapid discharge of Big Bag

Waste valve for big-bag FIBCs designed and developed to facilitate the process of emptying big-bag big bags in a controlled way thanks to the throttling valve and the plug-in proboscis to direct the flow in fall.
The procedure of use involves the circular cutting of the big bag through the blades integrated into the valve and at the same time the screwing of the same on the big bag.
Once screwed in, it locks with the safety ring, the proboscis is engaged and the sack of the desired quantity is then emptied by means of the guillotine valve.

Advantages of the Big-Bag dispenser:

-The Big Bag dispenser is robust and built to a high specification. It will last for years and costs less than half a bag of fertiliser.
-Allows unused material to be stored in the bag. It is the ideal waste saver!
-Quick and easy to use and fit. Saves the hassle of slitting the bottom of bag and creating an avalanche effect.
-It is reusable and it can be moved from bag to bag.

The Big Bag Dispenser is fitted to any type of big bag in seconds by punching the lining of the bag with a pair of knife blades which are attached to the dispenser. The lining of the bag is tighly secured into place by turning a locking ring.
It allows the flow of material to be controlled to the exact quantity required by opening and closing a sliding chute.
The dispenser stores any unused material in the bag for future use.
Simply twist off the extension tube and put the bag down on the ground with the main part of the dispenser still attached.

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