Electric oscillating screen 220V DE70S suitable for the selection and sieving of many products such as feed, cereals, flours, soils, sands, plastics, pellets, peanuts, seeds, grains, chemicals, grit, aggregates, sand, soil and many others .
With the oscillating movement of the net the product is sieved and the finest part falls into the lower part, the thickest part remains on the net which is carried forward to the point of discharge.
A wheelbarrow or container can easily be placed under the screening grid or under the discharge mouth to collect the screened material.
The screening net is easily replaceable with measures suitable for the product being fixed to the frame with 6 screws.
The frame is equipped with 2 wheels and 4 handles for transport and handling.

The DE70 screen is delivered with a net with 8mm hexagonal holes, on request we also have other network sizes available..

- Overall dimensions LxPxH: 130x68x98 cm
- Grid size LxLxH: 70x39x10
- Mesh holes available: 8 mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm
- Power supply: 230 Volt / 50 Hz
- Cable length: 160 cm
- Consumption: 370 Watts
- Exculsion height: 70 cm
- Expulsion width: 23 cm
- Rounds per minute: approx. 80-100/ min
- Expulsion width: 23 cm
- Width between the WxH suspension: 90x60 cm
- Weight 50 kg

Sturdy metal construction
It can work with every domestic electrical outlet
Separate on-off switch
Belt transmission
Rubberized handles to facilitate movement
Removable frame
Interchangeable screening screen


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