Extraction of the product with tapped conveyor belt, suitable also for slim materials

Bagging station EK14 expressly designed for bagging wet products such as earthworm compost / humus and soils.
Semi-automatic weighing system.
Internal hopper agitator to facilitate the release of the product.
The product is extracted from the hopper via a conveyor belt driven by a gear reducer.
Medium wide-mouth hopper for easy filling with a mechanical shovel of loose material or by emptying an entire big-bag in the hopper.

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Bagging machine specifications with EK14 hopper:

- Bagging capacity 2-2.5 tons / hour
- Hopper capacity 2 m³
- Overall dimensions L 130cm x W 300cm x H 225cm
- Overall weight is about 350 Kg
- Precision weighing +/- 100 grams
- double bag holder for normal bags and reduced bags
- Possibility to prepare sacks from 1 to 50 kg
-Adjustment to continuous material flow
- 380V three-phase power supply
- 3-layer coating (an anticorrosive layer and 2 of enamel)
-Instruction manual
-Made in EU
-Certification CE

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