Suitable for powder, liquid materials with ultra-high efficiency filter compact and durable design.

Unique grid design to solve screen mesh blockage and sinkage, easy to clean.

Powder is not going to fly, liquid will probably be impermeable with its good sealing.

The material discharged routinely, and the machine may also be operated incessantly.

The machine use vertical vibration motor, no mechanical transmission, so exciting force transfer process without loss, effectively transmitted to the screen surface.

The sifter machine is light-heavy and easy to move.

It may be a single layer and multi-sieve use, the part wouldn’t have dead ends, wiped clean and disinfected easily.

The screen is made of stainless steel mesh part.

Voltage: 220V

Power: 300W

Material: Stainless steel

Overall Height(contain the screen): 39″(100cm)

Screen Size: Φ19.6″x6.3″(50x16cm)(Diam.XH)

Day by day Output: 4409lbs(2000kg)

Outlet Port Height: 13.8″(35cm)

Productivity: 2000Kg daily


1) Chemical industry: resin pigment, medicine, grease, paint, palette, and so forth.

2) Abrasive material and ceramic industry: building sand, mica, alumina, abrasive, refractory material, slurry, and so forth.

3) Food industry: sugar, salt, alkali, gourmet powder, starch, milk powder, yeast powder, pollen, food additive, bean milk, juice, and so forth.

4) Paper-making industry: coated slurry, exhaust liquid, paper making liquid and waste water reclamation, and so forth.

5) Metallurgy and mining industry: quartz sand, ore, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, and so forth.

6) Mechanical industry: casting sand, powder metallurgy, electromagnetic material and metal powder, and so forth.

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