Vibratory filling machine weigth up to 1 Kg

The electronic weigher equipped with a vibrating mono-channel and equipped with a stainless steel loading hopper.
It is particularly suitable for weighing medium / fine grain products.
It is able to be used individually equipped with a discharge cone for filling preformed bags, boxes or other items.

Operating voltage: 220 V
Power: 180W
Speed: 10 to 15 times / minute
Range: 10 ~ 999 g (can be adjusted freely)
Dimensions: L * W * H (30 * 50 * 125 cm) 11.8 "* 19.68" * 48 "
Accuracy: 2g (depending on the material you are filling)
Machine material: stainless steel
Net weight: 26 kg
Package weight: 38Kg (standard wooden box)
Quality guarantee: 1 year

-It is widely used for herbs, seeds, food, sesame, various cereals, rice, beans, pasta etc.
- Command pedals
- Sliding manual gate to regulate the quantity in outflow
- Polycarbonate inspection hatch

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